Creative Airports And Airlines That Will Surprise You With Their Creativity

Creative Airports And Airlines That Will Surprise You With Their Creativity
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Comments 20

  1. 4:00 Calling them Stargates but then putting an x-wing underneath? Makes zero sense. No x-wings in Stargate and no stargates in Star Wars.

  2. It's a great and beatiful world we live in…stop war what so ever…let's live in peace and harmony.

  3. 2:30 – The cameras for overhead views of the plane has been around for a LONG time. Most airliners don't have them. Been flying nearly 20 years and only one European airline had one.

  4. Lanzarote airport toilets had a pedestal as you came out where you could rate them for cleanliness. Yes and how many people wash their hands afterwards, ladies as well as gents.

  5. I've flown from Canadian airports before and not once did I see an area with dogs to pet before you board your plane. In fact the only dog I did see was my own, where I found him abandoned by the staff outside of a closed ticket counter still in his crate (thank God no one stole him or something worse). I'd laugh if those were actually drug sniffing dogs but some American figured since they were Canadian dogs then they must be there for petting and not for sending you to prison. I mean, Canadians are much too nice for that sort of thing right? 😉

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